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Hello Everyone! August 25, 2010

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Laura Perri, blogging for Ecozip bags, the 2 bags in 1!

I hear more and more each day about mothers, fathers, workers, and students using ziplock bags for storage in their everyday routines. Ecozip is making that part of your routine a bit easier. Being that our main focus is to reduce the use of plastic, while allowing you to use one bag for multiple items, why not use Ecozip?!

I can say Ecozip made my last vacation a bit easier to deal with as far as bringing items that would be a pain in the neck. Allow me to explain. I went out the night before vacation to grab things like travel size shampoos, conditioners, as well as other hair products. I took 2 gallon sized bags, using one for the hair essentials and the other for all my various pieces of make-up. I took the 2 bags and threw them right at the top of my suitcase. Everything stayed in place and luckily for me nothing spilled. Even if they had, the 2 sections of the bag let you decide what can get wet and what cannot. With that, vacation time is over and good old back to school days begin!

How Ecozip bags can help us in September:

Packing lunches as well as crayons, markers, etc. for the kids. This can get messy at times so why not cut the mess out by sectioning all their belongings!

Packing your own lunch for work! Pick and choose what’s on the menu for lunch each day rather than running to the local deli or cafeteria.

Blog us for samples or visit your local grocery store and pick some up! We love to hear the feedback and comments, so blog back!